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'What makes Ana special is a rare combination of irony and innocence that she brings to her work. I believe that her sense of irony is a product of her European  culture and heritage and her innocence is her ability to be present and open to what’s going on in the moment.  She can hold a secret without hiding, a gift which enhances her already strong presence on stage and makes her very attractive to an audience. I have nothing but high regard for Ana, and I believe that she elevates any group enterprise that she’s involved with.'



'I had the privilege of getting to work with Ana on a series of Sam Shepard plays that I directed here in Los Angeles. Her focus, talent, and unique perspective on this very “American” playwright were invaluable to the success of the production.  She is a force to be reckoned with in both comic and serious roles and in terms of the transformational work that I look for in myself as well as my fellow artists, Ana has enormous talent. The final result of the work we did was packed every night and it continues to be talked about to this day.'



'I can affirm with no doubt that Ana Pasti has - what is called in the business - 'star quality'. She is a powerful and extremely charismatic presence: warm, generous, alert, precise. Most serious and resolute in everything she does there is little risk of her losing heart along the way. And there is one more thing that she possesses that many of her peers lack, and without which there is no sense hanging around in this business: a wild sense of humor'.



'Her work was technically impressive and artistically thrilling and the characters she created were absolutely distinctive and unique. In Talk  To Me Like The Rain, Ana's acting was at its most intensely personal, truly 'cinematic'. I believe Ana has a great future as a film actress in Hollywood.'



'So insightful, painful and illuminating in her depiction of the human condition, Ms. Pasti is wonderful to watch on stage how she is creating new ways of seeing. I like her commitment to maintaining the essence of who she is as an actress and human being, and how that plays into how she creates and performs her characters. '



'I think what is most remarkable about Ana is her ability to interpret classic text.  She is really able to 'live' in a period  piece and illuminate through her performances even the most convoluted plays.'



 'Ana is extremly intelligent, imaginative and curios about life. She is creative and self-motivated, with an appetite for growth and discovery and she enjoys an extraordinary work ethic'



'I can confidently attest to Ana’s outstanding range and skill. In each role I have seen her play she is absolutely different and dazzling.'



'I and my colleagues were immediately struck by her strong presence and obvious talent. She brings a remarkable sensitivity and intelligence to the work and raises the game for everyone in the room.


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