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 I am an Eastern -European actress, a Romanian- Jewish - Italian mixer, originally from Transylvania and currently based in LA. I love rides from horses to amusement parks, I love to dance  Argentinian tango and to sing jazz and ethnic music. I also love changes, which is the reason why I lived in all kinds of places from Pakistan to Madagascar and from Thailand to Uganda.


My dad taught me about politics and how to make crepes and my mum taught me how to wear perfume and be brave.  From them I also learned that is important to make a difference. I thought acting was the best way to go about it.


I had my first professional show in my third BFA year and my first director was coincidently or not American and a Fulbright Alumni, as I would one day be. Following graduation I became a member of the newest Romanian Regional Repertory Theater, Tony Bulandra.  I performed there for 2 years in which I had a complete experience of what repertory theater means from twice a day shows to national tourings and festivals.


For another 2 years I hosted popular entertainment TV shows at TVR, the national public television.  Shortly after, on the same network, I became a series regular in La Urgenta the equivalent to the American ER, which won both the filmmakers and the television professionals Romanian Awards (UCIN and APTR) for Best TV Show. 


In 2008, three of the shows I performed in, participated at the biggest  National Comedy Festival, Festco and Rromeo Thaj Julieta won the award for Best Show in OFF Section.  In 2010 one of the feature I was part of, Umilinta, was selected at Cairo International Film Festival 


In 2011 my love for changes, made me apply for a Fulbright Grant to study musical theater in US.  But as 'life happends to you when you are bussy making other plans'- to quote John Lennon- I ended up doing an MFA in acting at USC. During those three years I had the most exciting, intensive and challenging  training an actor could possibily get. 


In U.S I performed in various theater productions from classical theater in verse - Elmire in Moliere's Tartuffe, directed by Andy Robinson, Bianca in Shakespeare's Taming of the shrew directed by Lisa Vople  to Greek tragedy - Casandra and Electra after Euripide's Trojan Women and Electra directed by David Bridel and modern American theater  - Mrs Hardwike Moore in The Lady of Larkspur Lotion,  Women in Talk to me like the rain and let me listen from Tennessee Williams'  27 Wagons Full of Cotton and other plays directed by John DeMita and finally Ella from The curse of the starving class and Meg from Lie of the mind in Sam Shepard's mash up 'Fire in the snow', directed by David Warshofsky. I also did several indie features and shorts -  Induced Effect  featured on Amazon Prime, nominated at London International Picture Awards for Best Theatrical Released and Best Narrative Comedy 2019, Twenty Years After, that won 11 awards and had 2 nominations including in Short Corner in Cannes Film Festival in 2017, Stepping Out that won Best Director in LA Film Independent  and was selected in Short Corner Section in Cannes Film Festival in 2014. 


 From 2016 I started working bycostal. In Romania I shot three features Don't read this on a plane, a Romanian -Australina co-production, Far from Here a Romanian American co-production and Double that was nominated for East of West Award in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Best First Feature at GOPO.  In LA I performed in my first two TV series, as a series regular in Upstart featured on Twitch Tv and also in the pilot Mad Cats. 

Currently I perform in two shows in Bucharest: The Approach directed by Peter Kerek at Art Theater and Hasteg directed at Dana Rotaru at Teatrelli.


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